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How This Work-From-Home Mom Balances Career & Family (with Help from AWeber)

Entrepreneurial mom wanted to spend more time with her family

As a result of the pandemic, Tiffany Jackson realized the most important thing to her — spending time with her family. But this multiple-time business owner wasn’t going to give up working altogether.

She needed a job that allowed her time with her husband and kids — a work from home job. Plus, she wanted to make plenty of money and see long-term career success.

Idea! An at-home affiliate marketing and coaching business fed by social media

What was the easiest way for Tiffany to use her experience as a business owner and skincare enthusiast to make money? By starting an affiliate marketing business. 

Tiffany created an Instagram account to start her affiliate marketing, but things really took off when she started using TikTok. A relatively new social media platform, TikTok can enable you to reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of new people who you never would have gotten in front of with platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

TikTok and Instagram have at least 1 thing in common: You can only share one link (in your bio). But Tiffany had at least a handful of things to sell, and needed everyone to be able to see what they, personally, were interested in.

Since both Instagram and TikTok are almost exclusively used with mobile devices, the page she links to should:

  • Be mobile friendly
  • Include everything mentioned on social media posts
  • Be simple, without complicated navigation or menus
  • Look beautiful (be memorable in a good way)

AWeber’s LinkTree alternative to the rescue

Tiffany tried LinkTree at first. But she’s trying to reduce the number of tools she uses.

She realized that AWeber, a tool she already uses, has a similar LinkTree option. It’s actually a free landing page template that’s easy-to-personalize and looks great on mobile or desktop.

Check out the AWeber “link list” template, shown on a smartphone:

LinkTree-style landing page template shown on a smartphone.

And check it out, there’s a newsletter sign up form at the bottom of the page.

This is what Tiffany’s page looks like:

Tiffany's link landing page with 4 buttons and a lead magnet prompt.

Now — more time with family; soon — more followers, email subscribers, and revenue

Because using AWeber’s landing page builder and email campaigns was so easy, Tiffany has already been able to balance work and her family. 

She can focus her work time on growing her social media followers and directing them to sign up for her email list. See how she does that using a free e-book she wrote:

Tiffany's link landing page with a lead magnet prompt and an email list sign up form.

Tiffany now spends time with her family while also promoting products to her social network. She will eventually continue to grow her email list with leads who she can resell to. 

As a result of Tiffany’s hard work, along with the link page she created using AWeber, this work-from-home mom projects to make $96k of passive revenue in 2022.

Make sales and get email signups from social for YOUR business

No matter what your business does, you can also benefit from an attractive link list page in your social channels. Here’s how to set one up in minutes — for free!

1. Click to copy the AWeber Link List landing page (and create a free account if you need to)

Here’s what the Link List landing page looks like (or you can preview it in your browser):

A landing page template shown on a desktop view with a headshot, handle, 4 buttons, and a newsletter sign up form.

Click here to copy it into your AWeber account.

2. Personalize the page with your photo, links, and background (if you want)

Make this page yours. You can add links to the specific pages and products you talk about on social media. Add a photo, social handle, and short description. You can even update the background color or add an image!

Here’s how Tiffany’s looks:

Tiffany's link list website shown on a desktop view.

Plus, she has a built-in signup form for her email list (with an e-book lead magnet):

"Get my FREE Ebook on how to start your OWN Affiliate Marketing Business; Enter email below!" then a sign up form.

3. Publish and add to your social media bios!

At this point you can simply publish your page, copy the link, and add it into your social media bios. That means you can make sales from this page in just a few clicks! No expensive website setup, no waiting. 

This is particularly useful for Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms where you only get one link. See how Tiffany added her link to her Instagram bio?

Tiffany's instagram page, including the link to her page built on AWeber.

Bonus: Buy or connect a custom domain

Do you want a more personalized domain for your link? Something like “”? You can easily connect a domain that you own through GoDaddy, IONOS, Google Domains, or any other platform. 

Don’t have a domain yet? You can actually buy one directly from your AWeber account. Learn how to purchase a domain in AWeber.

Get started for free

The landing page builder, link list template, sign up form, and custom domain connection is all available with AWeber’s free plan. Start your account now and you can have your landing page up and running later today!

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