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How does a business account make an Instagram profile description?

Even if you have a good SaaS marketing plan, it’s not unreasonable to remind users about your startup on social media. On Instagram, the first impression of your profile influences whether or not a random user will stay with you – the rapid rate of content consumption means you literally have a couple of seconds (fb research) to grab the audience’s attention. And the first thing people see in the Instagram profile header is the “Bio,” or the “About Me” column.

Figuring out what to write in your Instagram profile description if you’re not a “happy wife and mom” or even a “treveller, food lover” but a corporate account.

Technical limitations

To make every line a new one, edit your profile description from your computer. You can only insert one link in the description for Instagram. Business accounts can add a phone number and mail for contact, as well as the address of offline outlets. 

How do I make my Instagram profile description in the middle?

Use the non-breaking space characters:

→⠀← This is it, hidden between the arrows. Copy it and paste it in front of the text, use the right number of characters to get the lines in the middle. Keep in mind that from a smartphone it will look neat, but from a computer the alignment will move away.


You can only use one link in your Instagram profile description – so it has to be special. 😉 Decide where you want to lead users – to the home page of the site, or to a current category – such as a new collection or discounts.

Often the content of the link is tied to the latest announcements in the posts: you talk about a new product or offer and write that the active link is in the Instagram profile description. You put the actual link in the Instagram description for a while, then change it to a different link when a new offer comes out.

Don’t forget to flash the link to collect click-through statistics from Instagram. This is what you use yutm tags for: they send information to the analytics system about where the user clicked on your link.

Set the basic parameters:



At your discretion – add parameters:


As a result, the link will look like this:

The part with the UTM, the so-called “tail,” looks sloppy. That’s why it’s better to shorten the tagged link. Use any link shortener you are comfortable with.

Now you’ll be able to find clicks on your link from your Instagram profile description in your analytics reports. For example, in Google Analytics:

Go into “Traffic Sources.”

 In the dropdown menu, select “Source/Channel.”

In the filter, type in the source / medium from your UTM tag.

Store on Instagram

Third-party developers have outsmarted Instagram and created services that bypass the one-link limit. And some allow you to make an entire store – it opens when you click on the link in the Instagram profile description. The official YouTube account uses this kind of design trick:

Способ создать интернет магазин в Instagram

Include contacts and location

To add more information, connect your Instagram business account (if you haven’t done so before). To do this, select “Transfer to business account” in the settings.

Now you can add the address to your Instagram profile – the link to the address will appear in the profile description.

Additional links in the profile

Accounts with more than 10,000 followers can post links in Stories. In addition, Instagram recently introduced Top Stories (or Highlights). These can be adapted for additional links.

To do this:

  • Draw images in a 9:16 format, with that picture and caption in the center, which should go in the circle.
  • Prepare images for each link you want to make: other social media or sections of your site.
  • Post, as usual, Stories with the link.
  • Add these Stories to the actual Stories, while creating a separate section for each and name it by the destination of the link.

What to write in the Instagram profile description?

Specify the main activity of the company. That may be enough. But also bios on Instagram can be used to immediately create in the user a certain idea about your company.

Accounts of large FMCG brands often write only their slogan in the description. 


  • Users make an impression of an Instagram account in the first seconds they visit it, so the description can get them interested right away.
  • You can put a single link in the Instagram profile description. Business accounts add an address and contact information. 
  • To track conversions from an Instagram link, it needs to be pierced with a UTM tag. Profile analytics are extremely important.
  • Profile descriptions can describe benefits, put a brand slogan and share useful information.
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