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Learn from the Best: Join the Masters of Email Marketing Webinar

Looking to elevate your email marketing skills? Then you won’t want to miss the Masters of Email Marketing Webinar. With 10 industry experts and 8 hours of insights, this free event is the ultimate opportunity to gain valuable knowledge on the latest email marketing trends and techniques.

Scheduled for March 22nd at 10:00 AM (UTC +3), this year’s webinar features Smaily’s CEO, Erkki Markus, and Marketing Director, Tanel Rand, who will unveil the secrets to email marketing success in 2023 and beyond. From hyper-personalization and micro-segmentation to AI and interactivity, they’ll cover it all.

But that’s not all. The webinar also features other experts, including Chris Byrne, founder of Sensorpro, who will provide tips on crafting compelling copy, showcasing your logo in Gmail, and more. Email marketing consultant and VP of customer success at Email Expert, Adeola Sole, will cover the foundations of a good email, design, landing page optimization, and metrics. Copywriter Ben Milsom will share his expertise on email sequences and writing compelling emails. Jeanne Jennings, Founder and CEO of Email Optimization Shop, will discuss automation opportunities and building message maps. Deliverability specialist Yanna-Torry Aspraki from EmailConsul will provide tips on monitoring deliverability and sender reputation, and Christian Nørbjerg Enger will talk about segmentation in email marketing. Finally, sales developer Andriy Vovchak from PRNEWS.IO will offer insights on email pitching.

Join these experts for a comprehensive discussion on email marketing, and come away with practical tips and knowledge to improve your email marketing strategy. Don’t forget to bring your questions and a notebook to the event!

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